Up next! Pacific Halibut, Rock Fish and California Halibut Charters! Call or Email to book your trip! Live Dungeness Crab sales will continue along with Black Cod and Rock Fish at Woodley Island Marina on "F" Dock. For dates and times of sales check out the Dock Sales page .  

For more info. contact Patrick Burns

Call (707) 616-3716 or email pburns707@gmail.com

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Black Cod an Live Crab

April 20, 2021

    Black Cod $6.00 per pound and Live Dungeness Crab $8.00 per pound.  Were Located at Woodley Island Marina aboard the Comet on “F” Dock. Open until 6:00 PM.  To reserve your fish or crab call (707) 616-3716

Live Dungeness Crab For Sale

April 8, 2021

Live Crab for sale at Woodley Island Marina on aboard the Fishing Vessel Comet on “F” Dock for $8.00 per pound for ocean run.  Crabs are averaging 1.6 pounds.  Check the Dock Schedule at the at the bottom of the Home Page for dates and times.